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Trademark dispute made by the supermarket "green" transportation "red" WINS

    Washington "supermarket" red-green-trademark dispute with first-instance verdict.

    reporters learned from the Haidian District Court this morning, the Court ruling "green market" operators to stop using the "supermarket" font size, text and graphics trademark, and shall not authorize others to use.

    in Beijing, with their "supermarket" sign, there are two types of stores: one is red for the background color of the "supermarket", operates mainly in supermarkets and Community stores; the other is green for the background color of the "supermarket", operates mainly in the convenience store.

    is responsible for managing "red supermarket" Beijing chaoshifa chain Corporation sued the company in 2000, "supermarkets" text and graphics trademark registration.

    3 years later, the company also authorized a company responsible for the operation of "supermarket" convenience stores. In order to differentiate, stores use the green sign.

    later, due to the number of "green market" poor management, owed a lot of money, and many dealer mistaken for red and Green House is a boss, went to "red supermarket" to ask for money.

    Beijing chaoshifa chain Corporation take the company to court, its not used "supermarket" business names and trademarks, and shall not authorize the third party use.

    in this trial, the defendant did not submit a reply comment, did not attend the trial.

    the Court through the trial, believes that identifies for consumers involved in spite of different fonts and colors, but does not constitute a substantive difference, the decision was made.