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Remember Mr Li visited the business of window unit a good

    November 4, the State administration for industry and Commerce and basic window unit is filled with a festive atmosphere.

    day, Member of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the organisation Department Minister, head of the Central leading group on good Li yuanchao and other leading comrades of the Central leading group on good activities, with the party and the State business sector concerned and the good work of the business sector, to the State administration for industry and Commerce and primary window units, research and guidance on good work.

    This is the people's satisfaction as the standard, closely associated with people's window, which is acted after numerous tests, the masses can trust window, this is as clean as possible in a good light, set the window the image of the party and the Government. Today, Comrade Li yuanchao made visits, comrades for the industrial and commercial sector, especially the Windows so a great inspiration, steadfast faith, doubling power.

    at 15 o'clock, Li yuanchao, Member of the CPC Central Committee, Director of the State administration for industry and Commerce Party Secretary Zhou Bohua, the State administration for industry and Commerce Deputy Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Office Excel activity leadership team leader Yu Ting Liu, and Office leader fushuangjian, Gan Lin, Wang Dongfeng, Zhong Youping, accompanied by He Xin, Xicheng branch of Commerce, exhibition road, first came to the Beijing Municipal industry and Commerce Bureau.

    industrial area, exhibition Road market more, good activities carried out since the further enriched by a good carrier, give full play to the exemplary vanguard role of party branches and party members cadres and tries their best to serve the people, has been well received.

    in Commerce-do Hall, Li yuanchao, details about the functions of Commerce, submitting applications for registration processes, food safety and consumer protection is pleased to say that after you contact 38 persons of more than 20,000 enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, is very important. Here is an important window for the masses and serve the people and the Government of the party. Rapid food safety testing room, after he watched the rapid detection of food shows in detail the staff says, you do very good, food safety, people's health, be sure to turn off the well. Understand grass-roots industry serving the "three three sent" (into the community, into the market, businesses, sending policy, deliver information and services) activities, Mr Li praised your "sent three into three" experience is very good.

    at 16 o'clock, Mr Li came to the State administration for industry and commerce. In the Hall on the first floor, a vivid display boards to show the good results achieved since the launching of the business sector: adhere to good in promoting scientific development, while maintaining a good market order and promoting social harmony, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of a good, good in consolidating the ruling Foundation of the party. Keep the purpose of party cadres, duties of due diligence, has made remarkable achievements. Li yuanchao, animated and your leadership-while-watching the Exchange.

    16:20, Mr Li came to the State administration for industry and commerce registration Hall. Hall keep busy, but orderly. Excel activities carried out since the Hall implement "window Polish project" initiative open to supervision, active enterprises.

    Mr LI asked enterprise registration process in detail, with particular attention to enterprise application how long does it take to receive the business license and other working people's vital interests and other issues. He also viewed the masses a row number systems and facilities evaluation systems facilitate the masses of the people. Model gang of party members, he said, your identity, on standards, on commitments is a good idea, window's job to take the initiative publicly, stressed that a "light".

    16:40, Mr Li came to the State administration for industry and Commerce trademark registration Hall. The Hall comprises 25 service Windows, many of which are party members model window. Excel activities carried out since they create "vanguard gang" and "party demonstration window" as the starting point and do everything possible to help applicants.

    in the registration Hall, he was enthusiastic and talking to you guys, ask for details of applications for trademark registration in China, and by viewing the application processing, consulting query, registration certificate issuance, disclosure of Government information window. Vanguard gang, Li yuanchao, learn, improve renewal processes to facilitate the work of the Hall after the mass said: "we improve the process, people have a lot less trouble. Our small improvements, you will get greater satisfaction of the masses. Your approach is very good. "

    at 17 o'clock, Mr Li came to the State administration for industry and Commerce Conference rooms, with all the talk. Zhou Bohua, Director and business systems 6 window units report to Li yuanchao, the gay organization a good practice. After listening to the report, Li yuanchao, good work on the industrial and commercial sector to be fully affirmed.

    Li yuanchao pointed out that important sectors of the business sector is for social management of the Government, is the order of the Socialist market economy and in people's minds the patron saint of people a well-off life. The protector promotes advanced, create excellent. Advanced, namely, promotion of development of advanced productive forces, advanced culture. To create excellent, excellent performance is created to serve and protect the interests of the people. Business sector with socialist market economic order and people a well-off life Protector based on good, moreover, is the purpose of this line of research.

    Li yuanchao pointed out, see in the research, business sector, spirit of party members and cadres is good, motivated and measure it. National business systems a good solid, productive. Specific for, national business General party height attention good activities, main is responsible for comrade personally caught, party members according to responsibility Division, strengthening specific guide, effectiveness obviously; highlight grass-roots, highlight window, highlight law enforcement post carried out good, active public, service optimization; effective solution food illegal, and against consumers interests, and agricultural illegal, relationship masses vital interests of problem, Limin Huimin; in good in the masses satisfaction degrees high, political popular wind democratic comments results good.

    Mr Li stressed that Excel to further the business sector to provide motivation and guarantee for scientific development. To enhance service awareness of scientific development, promoting scientific development as a general consensus of party members and cadres and conscious action; duty of due diligence services of scientific development, when the guardians of the order of the market economy; innovation monitoring service, improve the supervision mechanism, enhance the efficiency of scientific development. Business sector a good to improve the level of service to the people. Try to solve the problems of the masses feel strongly about, improving service quality, improve the masses, effectively change the style, and establish a good image. Business sector a good administration to play advantage, promoting and strengthening the work of party building in non-public enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households. Take advantage of registration regulatory advantages, combining business and grasping party building caught, doing non-public economy of grass-roots party building.

    of Comrade Li yuanchao gave more proactive services to the scientific development of the business sector to great inspiration; put forward by Li yuanchao, specifically requested for service science development and add momentum to the business sector. The Forum, the atmosphere is growing stronger.

    "we will conscientiously implement the spirit of the source wave important speeches of comrade, firmly relying on the Central Organization Department, the Central leading group on a good strong leadership, further deepening the learning and innovative carrier, promotion, and build a long-term mechanism of work duties of due diligence, do solid work, promote good activities to achieve new and greater achievements. "Zhou Bohua, the Secretary's words resonate powerfully, making the firm commitment of the business sector