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People's daily: the State administration for industry and commerce enterprises left

    in good activities, the State administration for industry and commerce, with a focus on enterprise registration and trademark application window business, the "Polish Windows" project, set up Vanguard gang, light as standard, bright, bright promise, at the same time promoting online business, centering on transforming the economic development pattern, active in heart services, in serving good.

    in recent years, new industries and new formats emerge, registration window on to the departments concerned, towards the expansion of industrial classification standards at the same time, analysis of the emerging industry, summarized in the light of the economic sector classification standard, Internet, cloud computing, 76 new business projects, such as tagging. Second half of the year, in 10 provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Hubei Bureau pilot registration will be open nationwide next year.

    in the process of enterprise restructuring, many cultural institutions of the market rules, especially the alien registration rules, do not understand. In September, the business sector for conversion was specially written newspaper registration guidance materials. Recently, SAIC is studying measures for cultural enterprises registration support.

    Hall of the trademark registration, received more than 90,000 passengers, handling trademarks apply directly for more than 80,000 pieces. Trademark Office require every Hall staff to do "three ones", that is, receiving each and every applicant, answering every call, handling each application to ensure direct application processing work smooth and efficient operation, and strive to make each and every home the satisfaction of applicants to do consulting.

    in the daily work at the same time, trade mark registered also under frequent "large applications", that is, the special needs of a large number of applications submitted by applicants, accepting emergency mechanism is established, temporary additional non-duty staff up to the window to hear the application materials, guarantee Hall accepted work is not affected.

    a good activity, trademark registration lobby to overcome practical difficulties such as receiving a large amount of applicants is very complicated, implementation, payment on the spot receive notice of receipt on the spot, be done while you wait. Meanwhile, to further improve the China trademark website "Internet", "Internet bulletin" business, opened in September this year to upgrade China trademark website in English, at home and abroad to facilitate applying for business provides consulting and network channels.

    in addition, the Trademark Office Web site public message reply as an important work for the civil service, the first 10 months of this year has been 1735, handle the rate of 100%, apart from individual reply by phone, online response rates up to 99.39%.