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On the internal bulletin of the international registered trademark notices

    to better facilitate the opponent challenged international registered trademarks, since April 6, 2012, my trademark in China released on international registration of trademarks on-line posting.

    electronic bulletin on international registration of trademarks issued by the Bureau, on the basis of WIPO's international trademark Gazette. Domestic trade mark application and the Agency by China trademark website "international trademark notice" link to go to official website of the world intellectual property organization, check out the online English version of the notice, concrete steps and methods are detailed in my website description.

    according to the State administration for industry and Commerce issued in 2003 of the implementation measures for the international registration of marks Madrid (General order 7th) article 14th, objection of international registered trademark term for "publication of notice in the WIPO international trademarks month 3 months". Different from the internal preliminary examination and notice of trial, international trademark notice I was published before the examination as to substance.

    to inform you.