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Enterprises to apply for the benefits of well-known trademark

    according to famous trademark finds and management provisional provides, famous trademark has following legal effectiveness: will and others famous trademark same or similar of trademark in non-similar commodity Shang application registered, and may damage famous trademark registered people of interests, to constitute trademark law eighth article subsection (9) items by said bad effect of, by Commerce trademark Council dismissed its registered application; has registered of, since registered of day up five years within, Well-known trademark registrant may request the trademark review and adjudication Board shall be revoked, but malicious registration no time limits.

    and other well-known trademarks identical or similar trademarks used on the non-similar goods, and suggest that some of the goods and well-known trademark registrant contact, which may make well-known trademark registrant's rights are being infringed, a well-known trademark registrant may, knew or should have known that two years from the date of request Administration for industry and commerce to stop.

    from the date of well-known trademark, others will work with the well-known trade mark identical with or similar to the text to be used as part of the company name and may cause misidentification of the public, industrial and commercial administration authorities not to approve registration registered, a well-known trademark registrant may, knew or should have known that within two years of the date, requests to lift the industrial and commercial administrative organs.

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