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Administration for industry and Commerce trademark solid serving the good of the Hall Chronicle

    trade mark accept the notice served after the past month to issue on the spot; trademark review cycles from 36 months to 10 months, trade mark services extending from the visible window to invisible Windows ... ...

    good activities carried out since the Hall of the State administration for industry and Commerce trademark and constantly to strengthen consciousness of service, improve our style of service, improve service efficiency and innovation service means, take concrete actions to respond to people's new expectations and new demands.

    to applicants satisfaction for first standard, constantly strengthened service consciousness

    into is located in Beijing city three in East road of business General trademark registered Hall, people can see specifically established of "members pioneer gang" and "members model window", can see Communist wearing with unified coat of arms identifies induction service, can see wall Shang publicity of "five a satisfaction" commitment......

    here all do everything possible to facilitate the work of the main line. Trademark registration Hall public commitment, work attitudes, job level, efficiency, working, staff image five applicant satisfaction, and commitment to every part, every window, every staff member.

    here, the party take the lead in strengthening service consciousness and sense of responsibility of the pacesetter. They identify membership, receiving each and every applicant, answering every call, deal with every application, ensure the smooth and efficient operation of application processing work, and strive to make every satisfaction who come and do consulting and go.

    would like the masses are thinking, earnestly improve our style of service

    on October 27, a wine-making enterprises in Sichuan to a submitted application for transfer of a trademark the registration Hall window 376 and 980 applications for trademark changes. Such a big workload, even if staff on duty is responsible for handling the day all hands, also completed in 1 business day.

    Hall immediately launched emergency response mechanism for trademark registration, temporary additional current staff to the window of the non-hearing applications, all accepted the company's application the same day.

    think of the masses want, anxious people's urgent needs, trademark registration lobby to improve style, trying to solve problems for the applicant as an important content of serving the masses.

    It is understood that the Hall assume application processing, financial fees, the consultation query information disclosure, registration certificate issuance, the Government accepted five big operations, with 25 external services window, service for the year amounted to more than 90,000 people, handling trademarks apply directly for more than 80,000 pieces of work intensity is very large. However, the trademark registration Hall staff is explicitly required, even in the face of heavy work, also make sure to smile who come and business advisory services, patient solutions, efficient processing.

    small, and effectively improve the effectiveness of

    "we improve the process, people have a lot less trouble. We have minor changes, will win the great satisfaction of the masses. "This is trademark registration Hall staff say a Word.

    trademark renewals until near the deadline to apply for the applicant, submitted material is available, then back again to complete material may exceed statutory time limits cannot be extended, loss of trademark rights. In view of this situation, trademark registration lobby reception, after the first practice of fill material, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the applicant.

    application for some applicants that address is wrong or did not receive notice of acceptance, such as address changes, multiple queries to the Trademark Office for a replacement, even disputes. In view of this situation, trademark registration Hall to overcome difficulties and gradually achieve a receipt on the spot, acceptance notice issued on the spot, saving significant time cost and economic cost of the applicants.

    the applicant reflect, carrying large amounts of cash on the way are easily lost, and write a check and that's not easy. In view of this situation, trademark registration lobby actively coordinated with the bank sector, installed POS Windows machine in the lobby fees, realized the Union pay credit card payment brand fees.

    good activities, trademark registration Hall start small, start from the subtle, confess, do solid work, seek practical results, according to the premise of continuous efforts to streamline the optimization of processes and improve service efficiency.

    widen the intangible service window, innovative service tool

    in good activities, in order to better meet the needs of people at different levels, and Hall continue to explore ideas, innovative services for trademark registration means trademark service extends from the visible window to invisible Windows, masses and even nearby homes will be able to enjoy the convenience of the Government.

    with China trademark website "Internet", "Internet bulletin" and trademark agency "apply online" and other business functions, continuous improvement, the annual click-through rate has remained at more than 2 billion times in a row since 2008, online applications for trademark registration have accounted for more than half of the total applications for trademark registration.

    in September, the opening of the China trademark website English version upgrade, at home and abroad to facilitate applying for business provides consulting and network channels.

    at present, the China trademark website-online registration service is active in the development and construction of the project, when completed, will provide a more convenient information service for applicants.