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    Hangzhou blueprint for trademark registration office, State administration for industry and Commerce Trademark Office registered professional trademark Agency, specialized in international and domestic trademark Agency services.

    company has a number of trademark agents, have to undergo a rigorous professional training, has accumulated rich experience in handling trademark matters, in Hangzhou, Hangzhou blueprint for trademark registration, trademark registration, trademark, trademark of Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Hangzhou registered trademarks, trademark registration trademark registration company of Hangzhou, Hangzhou agent, Hangzhou trademark search, Trademark Office of Hangzhou foreign trade marks, Company with more outside multiple trademarks and legal institutions to establish a long-term cooperative relationship, the company of "honest, professional and efficient" for the purpose of service, in order to build a full range of brand strategy at home and abroad service platform.

    company with international and domestic well-known enterprises to establish a long-term good relations of cooperation, has won the praise of our customers!